Moving from the UK to Germany post January 1, 2021

Implications for health insurance cover

January 1, 2021 has gone and the Brexit Deal is done (sort of). So what are the implications for those moving to Germany and requiring health insurance?

It is ok for employees, who can still apply for public health insurance or private health insurance depending on their salary etc but what about freelancers/self-employed or non-employed (eg those able to live off savings)?

Until now, such people could apply for so-called voluntary membership of German public health insurance (not free, of course) as long as they could prove they had been NHS insured eg through written confirmation from their GP or other ways.

But now – no longer possible. Private insurance cover is the only way unless , for example, they are very low earners and married to someone publicly insured in Germany and eligible for family insurance at no extra cost. 

But it is NOT ONLY UK citizens affected!!! Even EU citizens living in the UK and publicly insured are NOT eligible to come to Germany and get into public insurance if they are freelancers/self-employed/living off savings and so on. They are just as persona non grata in this regard!

It is a shame that it has come to this but it is also a disgrace that the German system is discriminatory towards EU citizens!

So, basically, people will still need to contact expert advisors on how to get insured and we are happy to help.

As always, our advice is free and non-committal and always up to date.

Feel free to contact us!