Private Liability Insurance

Indispensable, affordable personal protection

After health insurance, private liability insurance is one of the most indispensable types of cover in Germany.
Under German law (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch § 823 Schadenersatzpflicht), you are legally liable for bodily injuries (death, injury or other harm to people's health) or property damage (damage to or the destruction or loss of property or injury to or the death or loss of animals).

Two classic examples:
Your little child runs out of the house into the street and knocks over an elderly person, who breaks a leg or, even worse, a hip bone.
You are absent-minded and fail to notice a cyclist. To avoid you, he rides into a car and damages both the bike and the car or into a concrete post and suffers a serious injury.

This is what liability insurance is for. Without it, you and your family can face serious financial consequences! This economical insurance is available for singles or for couples and families.

Children and young people living at home are included under the family insurance up to age 25 if they are single and not in employment.
Your dog needs its own policy but your cats and most other small pets are in your contract.

What should be in a modern policy?
Minimum €10,000,000 cover per year for personal harm, damage to property - including a landlord's - and asset loss, a "Haftungsausfall" clause (which means your insurance would compensate you if your health or property were damaged and the person responsible didn't have a liability insurance or financial means, damage through "acts of kindness" (Schäden aus dem Gefälligkeitsverhältnis), damage caused by children under the age of responsibility (Schäden durch deliktunfähige Personen) amongst other things...

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