Legal Insurance



Although not as essential as private liability insurance (Private Haftpflichtversicherung), legal insurance is important for expats who may face serious disputes with their employer, landlord or landlady, neighbour, third parties on the roads or on public transport, public authorities and so on......

Legal insurance consists of different elements:
  • Private, occupational and traffic legal insurance for non-self employed 
  • Private, occupational and traffic legal insurance for self employed
  • Tenant/landlord insurance for buildings, garages and plots of land
Insurance cover includes:
  • Disputes related to compensation
  • Labour law
  • Tax disputes in a court of law
  • Contractual law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law/penal law
  • Estate law/inheritance
  • Legal insurance for victims of violent crime
  • Private disputes eg.with neighbours 
  • Traffic insurance for drivers but also for users of public transport

NB: Most aspects of legal insurance have a waiting time of three months.

It's very common to have a deductible/excess of, for example, €100-300 per claim. Most insurance companies also offer a telephone hotline with lawyers available for legal consultation at no extra cost for their legal insurance clients.

Which combination is the right one to have depends on individual circumstances and preferences.

A useful link regarding laws in Germany in English is:, which contains an official translation from the Federal Ministry of Justice of German insurance laws. 

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