German tax consultant with native-level English: Anda Pfleger

Already a legend to many expats in Germany for her indefatigable and always up-to-date advice on tax matters for over a decade now, we are more than happy to recommend Anda Pfleger as a tax advisor. Yes, that's right - Toytown Germany's incomparable PandaMunich has gone pro!

An engineer by trade, Anda has long been immersed in the labyrinthine idiosyncrasies of German tax law, and anyone who has ever been a regular on Toytown will be aware of her sterling assistance there.

She has recently made the decision to work as a professional 
Steuerberaterin. As well has being bilingual in both German and English, she has German degrees in finance and accounting, has recently passed the Steuerberater exam, and has a wealth of experience dealing with German tax rules - making her the ideal advisor for freelance/self-employed expats in need of assistance (we have referred many of our insurance clients to her). 

Get in touch with her today!

Disclaimer: we at Gunn & Partner are not on commission and cannot be responsible for the tax advice Ms. Pfleger offers to clients.