Household Contents/Renter's Insurance

If you want to protect your property or rented apartment/house, you need this insurance. In Germany, the price is determined by the size in square metres, the postal code/ zip code, the type of building and what should be insured. For example, extra insurance for glass, bicycles and

Below is an example of what a modern insurance in Germany covers.

ø = insured

Cover for fire, water damage, burglary/vandalism, implosions ø
Waiver of gross negligence clause for damage up to € 5,000 ø
Surge / overvoltage damage up to full sum insured ø
Damage through scorching ø
Loss or damage to valuables is limited to 30% of sum insured
Theft of bicycle up to 1% of sum insured ø
Theft of laundry, clothing, garden furniture and tools up to € 1,200 ø
Theft from hospital ward up to € 600 / loss of cash up to € 100 ø
Theft from vehicles or aquatic vehicles up to € 600 ø
Up to 5% of sum insured for bank vaults and safes ø
Theft of pram up to € 600 ø
Theft of hospital wheel chair up to € 1,200 ø
Phone bills up to € 150 after misuse during burglary ø
Loss of water after burst pipe up to € 275 ø
Water damage from aquarium and water beds ø
Breakage of gas mains ø
Vehicle impact ø
Supersonic pressure waves ø
Return from holiday costs up to 5% of sum insured ø
Hotel accommodation costs (e.g. dwelling is uninhabitable after fire) Up to 180 days/max.2% of sum insured per day
Storage costs for household effects  Up to 180 days
Costs of moving: up to €600 ø
Costs of changing locks ø
Costs of temporary repairs ø
Costs of expert opinion for damage higher than € 25,000 ø
Free household contents insurance for 6 months for child's first dwelling ø
Twelve month contract / cancellable monthly after that ø

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