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Recently arrived in Berlin? Not yet learned the lingo? Don't try and take on the German bureaucratic system alone!

Those of us with a German partner or friend have it comparatively easy but anyone that's tried to register as a resident, apply for a visa/work permit, open a bank account or get a job without speaking the language know exactly how daunting the process can be and how intimidating those German civil servants often are. Sure, sometimes you might get lucky and get a "nice" one (it should be noted, however, that nice is relative, unfortunately) who might even speak a bit of English - but for every pleasant anecdote you hear from those that have successfully run the gauntlet of the Berlin immigration offices there are a dozen horror stories.

Fortunately, help is at hand and you don't need to face the interrogation and paperwork all alone. Red Tape Translation provides interpretation and translation services so you can have a professional interpreter accompany you to your appointment with the Ausländerbehörde and help you fill out those pesky, intrusive forms. With a Red Tape Translation angel on your shoulder you'll emerge from that ugly, depressing building a winner instead of confused and disoriented (which often appears to be the primary goal of the charming, charismatic folk working in such establishments).

Even better, if you're an artist and want to get into the Artist´s Foundation/Künstlersozialkasse, then Red Tape Translation can help with this too!

Disclaimer: I've known Kathleen Parker of Red Tape Translation for over five years in a professional capacity and can fully recommend her to anyone looking to get settled in Berlin who is concerned about the formidable bureaucracy and language barrier. I am NOT on commission. 

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