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Apartments in Germany

We at Gunn & Partner are happy to offer a place on our website to Robert Lederman, a Canadian citizen who has lived in Germany for many years and who has been an astute observer of the German property scene all this time – both for rental and purchase. Rob has produced some excellent free guidelines for expats interested in renting apartments in Germany and looking for professional advice in English on the dos and don'ts in this area.

Whilst we ourselves are independent insurance brokers, we believe there is a niche for people clicking onto our site who may not realise there's professional and experienced advice available in English with regards to the German property market.
Disclaimer: we are not on commission and have no commercial interests whatsoever with Mr Lederman and, unlike him, are not experts in renting apartments in Germany  —we just hope readers of this website can add to their knowledge of German life and make the best possible and informed decisions with regards to renting apartments in Germany.

Download Rob's FREE ebook on renting apartments in Germany here.

Rob Lederman, the Property Guy Germany