Family Public Health Insurance in Germany

Who can be insured?

It is sometimes possible to coinsure family members in a German Krankenkasse. Under what circumstances?
  • Spouse A is publicly insured and can coinsure spouse B if the latter does not earn more than 445€ a month. Their own children and adopted children can be included.
  • Children can be insured up to their 25th birthday if still studying.
  • Spouse A with a 450€ Minijob can stay family insured with spouse B but not with a Midijob ( 451€ or more)
Who cannot be insured?
  • Family members who are self-employed and earning more than 470€ a month (as of January 2021) must have their own insurance.
  • Privately insured members must stay privately insured unless their income drops below 445€ a month (from January 2019).
  • Children of a parent who is privately insured and earning over 64,350€ a year (as of January 2021) can be publicly insured with the other parent if the latter is publicly insured BUT NOT IN FAMILY INSURANCE. The children can be so called (freiwillige Mitglieder) voluntary members. In such a case, each child costs approx. 160€ a month.

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